Question: Floyd Rose on Axis Super Sport?

Question: Floyd Rose on Axis Super Sport?


Will a Floyd Rose fit on my Axis Super Sport with no modifications?

I just want to install the Floyd Rose bridge and not the Floyd Rose locking nut, because the Axis Super Sport already has the locking Schaller tuners

Basically, I want to set up my Axis Super Sport like Guthrie Govan’s guitar (Floyd Rose bridge, no Floyd Rose locking nut, only Schaller locking tuners, dive-only tremolo setup).

Do you think my Axis Super Sport will stay in tune with this kind of setup?

Guthrie’s guitar stays in perfect tune with this setup, even when he bends like crazy or dives and pulls the Floyd Rose. Check out this video where he explains his setup: Guthrie Govan on switching to a retro-style Floyd Rose on his latest Charvel prototype – YouTube

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