Bongo 5HS video

Bongo 5HS video

Hi guys, long time since I’ve been and posted here. Never been a regular poster, but I remember being here everyday. I even bought my Bongo from sale thread on this site, from user robobass13, I think his name was Ron. Actually this is 10 years anniversary of me having this beauty, and when I realised it, I knew I have to write here:)
Ron did one modification that I love, he striped the paint from the back of the neck (so it has natural finish). Body color is Carbon Blue Pearl. And funny thing is that I’m from Poland and I sent Ron money, without having any proof that I’m buying a bass. He sent it to my friend in US, and then one month waiting for shipping, another month on customs (had to pay 35% tax) and it was finally in my hands. So Ron, if you reading this – Thank you, I can’t imagine I don’t have that bass.

So here is a video, compilation of scenes I recorded for my bands song.
Marcin Palider – Bass compilation scenes from Soundgoat…

If you want watch final video, and watch our latest one, you can either go to Soundgoat Project facebook page witch you can find in video description


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