Can a person who is not a dealer buy direct from EBMM?

Can a person who is not a dealer buy direct from EBMM?

I found on Reverb a PDN Bongo 4HS. I been looking for this PDN Bongo for a while. Originally, the guy had in the add the bass posted as new with warranty but is asking $2,699.99 for the bass. Much more than it cost new.
I messaged him thinking the price was a typo and asking what PDN dealer he is if it is new. He keeps telling me that he is not a dealer but he got the bass directly from EBMM. I don’t know how that is and what concerns me is his claims of the Bass still being new with a warranty. Below is an excerpt from one of his messages to me where he is claiming that he got the bass directly from EBMM. Can anyone verify if he was able to do so or not and if he did, will the bass still have the warranty as he claims? His business name on Reverb is Amp Global LLC.
If anyone from EBMM needs his name, I can message it to anyone.

Here is one of the messages he sent to me.

You are quite mad, the bass is brand new with warranty, I got it direct from MM but I am not a dealer, Reverb policy states that I need to list as mint rather then new if I am not a dealer, so no scamming, just the truth of the situation
as I have said, I am not a dealer for any manufacture but I can buy any instrument etc at below dealer costs
I haven’t done anything based on your messages or keenness to be heard, we both know that the bass is worth a minimum of $2500, the Petrucci is cheap at 2099 but then again, it is used.

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