Speaking of Matching Headstocks….

Speaking of Matching Headstocks….

The question of matching headstock or not was never much of a question for me. Nor did I really prefer maple boards over rosewood. A few years ago, though, I realized it DID matter somewhat, if only in a cosmetic sense. I never noticed much of a sonic difference between maple/rosewood – although my preferred flatwounds could have a bit to do with that.

Anyway, along the way, I realized that I simply preferred the look of a darker board. And then I started to think I preferred matching headstocks with the darker board, but not with maple boards.

So what’s your preference?

Maple with matching headstocks or not?
Rosewood with matching headstocks or not?

I realize that taste is arbitrary and mine (if you ask Sterling, to be sure) is questionable.

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