Caprice/Cutlass Recommended Pickup Heights

Caprice/Cutlass Recommended Pickup Heights

I was recently performing a set up on my Caprice and was curious about the stock settings for pickup height. I read the FAQ on EBMM’s website detailing pickup height but was unsure if this was intended mainly for the Stingray/Sterling/Bongo. Are there different pickup height recommendations for the Cutlass/Caprice?

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’s FAQ reads as follows:
If you have a single pickup bass set the pickup height to 6/32″ from the plastic pickup cover to the bottom of the G string. Adjust the bass side of the pickup to be level with the pickguard.
If you have a dual pickup bass set the bridge pickup to the specs above. Follow the same procedure for the neck pickup except set that to 8/32″.
For triple pickup basses you’ll set the bridge and neck pickups to the specs above. The middle pickup is set to 7/32″.

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