Clarity M Plugin only 5.1 in Ableton Live

Clarity M Plugin only 5.1 in Ableton Live

I’ve been trying to get some support from TC since last Friday with no success.  The web site contact form continually fails and I cannot find an email address to write to as a last resort.  My reseller has tried on my behalf and still nothing.  Not a great start TC.  Very frustrating. 

My issue is that I have a brand new Clarity M with firmware 2.0.3.  I’m using the Clarity M plugin with Ableton Live 10.0.2 and OSX 10.13.6.  My Mac is set up for 2Ch audio, as is Ableton and I’m only working with Stereo projects yet the AU Plugin is consistently choosing 5.1 mode. 

Q1. Why does the Plugin think it’s in a surround sound environment? 
Q2. How do I get the Plugin to correctly assign itself to Stereo Mode?

Thanks, Matt

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