Cutlass HSS (RS) Opinions

Cutlass HSS (RS) Opinions

I’ve been looking around for a good while now for a versatile guitar I can use for gigging that will deal with everything I need. The Cutlass HSS seems to be what I’m looking for, but would like to get some opinion from owners if possible? I live in North Wales, UK, and have nowhere nearby to try one out (5 hour drive for the nearest in stock), so getting an opinion and summary would be great before attempting a drive just to try one. One thing is for sure, the details on EBMM guitars are unreal and I would love to be part of the owners club.

What I’m really interested in is how the humbucker deals with high gain tones. I sometimes play Van Halen type lead and riffs, and would like to know if the ‘bucker can handle this ok? It doesn’t need to get to metal levels, but suitable for EVH, Vai etc tones. The single coils sound superb from the demos I’ve watched, so no issues with them.

I’m also curious on the choice of colours available. EBMM have mentioned on their website that there are three new colours to come in 2019, anybody know what they may be? I’ve seen on Sweetwaters website that they are showing one in Aged Buttercream, looks like one of the new ones? Other than that, I’m thinking of one in Firemist Silver or Vintage Turquoise.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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