Cutlass SSS tremelo smooth operation & tuning

Cutlass SSS tremelo smooth operation & tuning

I just acquired an almost new Cutlass SSS (white, maple neck). Got it from Guitar Center & the case and guitar are absolutely pristine. I haven’t checked the number of springs on tremelo – see a couple extra in the case. The tremelo action does not feel smooth & have tuning issues after using, at least comparing to my Petrucci model, which is smooth & rock solid on tuning. I think the Petrucci when I got it had not been played much either since the protective plastic was on the plastic on back of guitar. I did not expect any break in time for trem on Cutlass. BTW, the Petrucci model is one of the first with none of the bells & whistles on the new ones. You know back when they were $1800 new.

I’m comfortable with installing more springs but the trem is not spongy at all. Feels quite firm in fact. The strings are .10 or maybe .11.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’ve been wanting a strat style guitar back in my line up after giving my American 90s strat to my son because the trem wasn’t usable & I’ve been spoiled by the trem on my Petrucci & PRS CE guitars.

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