Cutlass: stealth versus regular HSS

Cutlass: stealth versus regular HSS

Hi all,

I’m continuing my search for the right EBMM, and my dealer friend has loaned me a Cutlass Stealth.

Overall, I’m knocked out by this guitar. The neck isn’t too tiny on the back, the intonation is superb and it plays and sounds great, with none of the ergonomic or fingerboard edge issues of the Axis I tried out.

The only thing I’m not really into is the all matte black look. Plus, what’s the point of getting an EBMM if you don’t get an oiled, roasted neck? So I’m thinking of going for a regular Cutlass HSS.

As far as I can see, the only difference with the stealth compared to the regular Cutlass HSS is the matte finish and ebony board. Is that correct? If thats the case, sonic differences should be negligible. Anyone tried the stealth compared to regular HSS models?

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