Ditto Looper feedback?


Hi all, im a total noob on pedals, this is my very first. I admit I hooked it up backward at first but I just didnt get any sound at all out of that attempt.

Went to the manual online, got it wired correctly and had a terrible and LOUD Ahh Ahh Ahh from my speakers and shut it down asap.

A couple places have advised me to hold down the button for 13+ seconds and it would erase an old loop, if this is the case it must be a loop from QC before it got shipped to me because I opened it new out of the box.

Also as a consequence of being intimidated by any new tech (yes even something as simple as this) I let the Amazon box sit around for a month before I even opened it. Now, if this pedal is defective, I dont even know if I have the opportunity to send it back.

Any help is most appreciated, I have my new amp ready to move into the practice room as soon as I can figure this pedal out — im not about to take a chance on having that deafening feedback come out of my new $1k amp.

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