Ditto X4 MIDI Questions

Ditto X4 MIDI Questions

I’ve been looking around for answers on MIDI functionality with the Ditto X4 and am getting conflicting reports.  My question is:

Can the Ditto X4 quantize to the beat when connected to a MIDI IN clock?  Specifically I am using a Beatbuddy as the master clock.

There is an answer here that says yes, when the pedal is in “queued” mode:
http://forum.tcelectronic.com/topic/206 … -quantise/

What exactly is queued mode, and will it actually quantize loop start/stop as stated above?

There’s also a video here that seems to show quantization, but it’s tough to tell:

Despite those, there are tons of forum answers and reviews saying that the Ditto X4 will NOT quantize, and that it starts as soon as you press.  None of the manuals or firmware update release notes specifically mention it either.

So, once and for all, which is it?

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Source: http://forum.tcelectronic.com