Ditto X4 Quirks (my other post has no replies)

Ditto X4 Quirks (my other post has no replies)


I’ve come to accept that the MIDI sync requires some hand/eye coordination (well, foot) to get playback started in-time and worked out that USB mode doesn’t work when MIDI clock is incoming but I have 2 other issues with my Ditto X4, hoping that they’re resolvable by a FW update or something..

1. Approx. 50% of the time when the pedal is started up it will appear to be on/functioning but when I record there’s no audio played back, LEDS will indicate recording, etc (I have to disconnect the power plug from the pedal and re-insert for it to resume normal operation)

2. When the tape stop effect is engaged the audio quality of the recorded material becomes crackly and distorted (this too is rectifiable by restarting the pedal)

Thoughts TC Support?

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