Ernie Ball Flatwound Strings for a Stingray 5 – New Choices!

Flatwound Strings for a Stingray 5 – New Choices!

I’ve been playing guitar for past 3 or 4 years and I’m just now getting back into bass, playing my SR-5. After sitting in the basement for 4 years, the roundwound EB strings I had on the bass were quite dead. I knew I wanted to go back to flatwound, so I put on my last set of Ernie Ball 2810 Flatwounds… Man, those things sound GREAT on my SR-5.

So I went to order my next set of EB flatwound replacement strings, and I see that there are now several other choices that weren’t available 5 years ago. I see the Ernie Ball 2810 Flatwounds are still available. I see there are also now “Ernie Ball P02816 Slinky Flatwound 5-String Bass Strings”. Further, I see there are also “Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 5-String Flatwound Cobalt Electric Bass Strings” available. Is that something different, or are these last 2 choices the same?

What’s the difference in the sound of these strings? Which do you like best?



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