Ditto X4 Stop switch

Ditto X4 Stop switch

Hey everyone,

I bought a ditto X4 , and have noticed that out of the box, the “Stop” switch stops the current playing loop at the END of its cycle, as opposed to stopping the loop as soon as the switch is pressed.

Page 7 of the manual indicates that the “Stop” switch should stop both loops immediately:  “STOP footswitch – press this to stop both loops immediately. Press and hold the switch to erase the loops.”

I noticed that on page 12, the manual says this about about mode switch #2:

“This setting also causes “stop” commands (either by double tapping a LOOP footswitch or press the STOP footswitch) to end the loop at the completion of its cycle.”

This would also indicate that with mode switch in the default position, the stop switch would stop the look immediately.

However, whether mode switch 2 is up or down, the stop switch ALWAYS stops the loop at the END of the cycle (not immediately when I hit the stop switch).

I want to be able to hit the “Stop” switch ONCE to stop the loop immediately.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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