Dream Bongo, just for fun

Dream Bongo, just for fun

This is just for fun, but I recently started thinking about a dream bass…a bass that had all the bells and whistles. For me it starts with a Bongo 5HH. Roasted maple neck and fingerboard with white binding. Lightweight roasted ash body with a transparent red burst finish. Black pickguard. The electronics are where the fun begins:

2 mini toggles for each pickup that lets you choose either coil alone, parallel or series(like the Seymour Duncan triple shot switching). A mini toggle that switches between combining the 2 pickups in parallel or series. A toggle that bypasses the preamp for 100% passive mode. So that’s 6 toggles. I envision these located on the pickguard, recessed like the Gilmore black strat toggle so they don’t get in the way or get accidentally changed. The 2 toggles per pickup located one on either side of the pickup mounting screw. The parallel/series toggle and the passive/active toggle located in line and somewhat centered between the 2 sets of 2 toggles.

Of course, my Bongo 5HH is already a dream bass. This isn’t taking anything away from what I consider to be the pinnacle of bass guitar design. Again, just for fun.

Lucky for me the Bongo pickups are not switchable at all….it keeps me from actually trying to make my daydream a reality.

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