EBMM shipping time to UK

EBMM shipping time to UK

Bit of a beef here so tune out if you like.

I got a SSS Cutlass a few weeks ago – fabulous guitar. Indeed. A pal was so impressed with mine he got one as well.

Anyway, intention was always to get a HSS scratchplate so that I had the choice of SSS or HSS config. So I order a scratchplate from Guitar Guitar and they tell me the UK distributor (Strings and Things) are quoting 6 weeks to get it to the UK. I said OK and ordered it back in February. It’s April and I still don’t have it…

That got me to thinking, why the hell does it take 6 weeks to ship stuff to the UK? I buy something from Ebay, it’s here within the week. Are the Distributors merely waiting so that it can ship along with one of their regular deliveries (so as to save shipping cost) or what?

Anyone care to enlighten me? Is this the case for all other countries outside the USA?

(BTW doesn’t change the fact that the guitar is fab!).

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