European only colors?

European only colors?


I’m new to the EBMM line, having acquired a 2002 Axis and a 1997 Axis hardtail recently and I’m 100% loving these guitars. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try them.

It’s got me thinking about finally just breaking down and buying a Luke. I started watching on Reverb and some other places, but it seems like two of the colors I really, really like – Boysenberry and Blueberry burst only seem to be in Europe.

My apologies if this is a known question, but do they release the same colors everywhere? Or am I doomed to have to buy a guitar from overseas to get the color I’d like?


(That said — anyone actually have or see in person the Fuscia sparkle? It looks closer to pink than purple to me, but I’m really curious about it, too…and I can get it from Sweetwater.)

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