External boost to be used with G System

External boost to be used with G System

Hi all,

I would need your help with above topic.

I use G connected to a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier with 4 cables setup.
I have a mini Tube Screamer in the loop 1 of G.
Now, I would need to add a TC mini Spark boost but I need to understand what is the better position in the chain.

What I need above all is enable/disable it whenever I need so I guess adding it at the end of the chain between the G Output and the FX return of Mini Rectifier won’t be useful as I could not control it and I should keep it turned on every time.

I did try to add it on Loop 2 after the Tube Screamer but I felt a loss of tone and I could not hear much increase of tone/volume even if I use both Loop and Headroom levels on 0 db.
My question is: would it be different if I would assign the switch loop 2 to the switch “Boost”? doing that, would be like putting the mini Spark after the G Digital FX section 2, thus POST Gain so that I will be able to receive more boost volume? changing the effects position switches it means modifying the effects chain?

What if I’d put it between Guitar and G Input (on front as I am using it with rack) so before the Mini Rectifier PRE? Would I get only “gain” and no volume increase?

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