Finally moved to heavier strings

Finally moved to heavier strings

I’d been rocking 11-50’s on my OG STV, AL HH, and STV Goldie but missed playing on 12’s as I did with my old Jazzmaster (standard tuning). So a couple months ago I started experimenting with with a Stringjoy custom set of 12-52’s


Kind of a mild heavier top/lighter bottom setup. Love it. I’d feared from some past experiences that the low end would overwhelm some of the darker, thicker minihumbuckers/humbuckers but nope, I was probably just an idiot (as I often am). Lots of bold punch and body, still maintains clarity. Perhaps I’m among the last of a dying breed or just opting for a more jazz-like setup on guitars meant aimed at rock n’ rollers, but I love it and highly recommend it.

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