Help me decide: EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream or EBMM Majesty 7 Kinetic Blue!

Help me decide: EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream or EBMM Majesty 7 Kinetic Blue!


I am blessed with the opportunity to acquire (hopefully my last, but I said that last time!) one more JP guitar, after I recently got an excellent deal on a mint JP12.

The options are a JP6 in Mystic Dream, or a Majesty 7 in Kinetic Blue. Both are brand new- yes, I could hardly believe this, as I thought they stopped manufacturing the JP6 in such finish, but here it is, complimented with matte black hardware. I’d love to take both guitars, but in all honesty, they are too similar. As I can only own so few of these lush guitars, I want them all to be slightly unique in their own way. The colour-change paint jobs are very similar, if completely different shades.

Here’s a rundown of my current collection:

– JPXI-7 Black Onyx: Unique for its wood combination (alder with mahogany tone block, 20 inch neck radius)

– JP12 Cherry Sugar: Very similar to the JPXI, but I loved the flat radius so much I couldn’t skip on the opportunity to own one. Has a basswood body and lavish red finish, setting it apart from the JPXI enough to warrant owning

– JP15 Cerulean Paradise: An extremely unique guitar with the best-feeling natural neck and roasted maple fingerboard, even if I only rarely play it.

-Sterling Majesty: My first EBMM guitar. Probably on par with the JPXI and 12 as the best playing, if not better, even if the finish feels cheap and the pickups are underwhelming. Will probably sell soon.

And so, because of my current collection, I have ruled out a handful of JP guitars which are too similar to my current line, notably the JP6 in stealth black as I already have a black guitar, for example.

Here’s the deal. From a purely cosmetic point of view, I absolutely prefer the JP6 in Mystic Dream. I love how it looks and feels like a guitar with the bolt-on neck. On the Majesty, I have big problems with the Majesty emblem on the first fret, as well as the shape, but the Kinetic Blue is a vast improvement over the ones with the shield on the body, at least in my view. Playability wise, the Majesty would bring more to the table, I think, with its DC/RM pickups and superb accessibility.

I also have a strong preference to ebony over rosewood, but that said, I own two ebony guitars already so this is not a big deal.

My main concern with the JP6, is that it feels like an unfinished prototype that was refined and improved with the anniversary models and the JP15. In this case, it would be inferior to all of my other guitars, while the Majesty would be an entirely new entry.

My main concern with the Majesty, is the complicated, failure-prone electronics and would be my second guitar which requires batteries.

Anyone who has a majesty and a JP6, please let me know your thoughts. I’ve heard some say the Majesty blows the JP out of the water, and some who say that they never could get on with the Majesty and its cosmetics.

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