First Post, Just bought my frist Music Man (well sorta)

First Post, Just bought my frist Music Man (well sorta)

Hey there, just joined up in the forums and am looking forward to meeting all of you! I’ve been playing for 20+ years and bought my first new guitar after taking a hiatus from playing for a couple of years (life and work 🙁 ). My new years resolution this year was to get back into playing on a regular basis and improve my abilities and have fun!

The last guitar I bought brand new off the shelf was a 1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard, which I still own to this day.

I have never really seen any of the newer EBMM in the local stores around Portland, OR but got the chance to play a teal JP15 and a Majestic Purple Majesty. Man…these guitar were really nice and I usually don’t like artist signature models but JP has so many that look so good!

In terms of playability both were great but felt the majesty had a little easier lower fret access than the JP15. Plus the neck felt a little skinnier to me. I ended up getting a majesty monarchy in the black knight finish from zzounds beginning of last month. Found a good deal on a blemished (customer return) one. However, they did a HORRIBLE job shipping it to me. The guitar was thrown in the original case and shipped out in a cardboard box. No padding or anything to brace the guitar neck while in transit. They also left the batteries in. This resulted in one of the batteries getting damaged in transit which ultimately, messed up the internal wiring. I swapped the batteries out and took it to a certified EBMM luthier and they confirmed that it was hosed. So I sent it back to zzounds and got my money back.

After playing several other guitars: (fenders, Gibson, Tom Anderson, PRS etc) I decided that I wanted to either get a PRS Custom 24, EBMM JP15 or majesty. I really like the looks of the majesty and the JP15, the JP15 just felt better in my hands versus the majesty. After doing extensive research, my sales engineer at sweetwater ended up finding me a JP15 Quilt Top in Sahara Burst. I just ordered it today and should be here by Saturday…can’t wait.

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