Flashback/Alter Ego: Bug or feature?

Flashback/Alter Ego: Bug or feature?

Try this…

In the Toneprint editor, assign delay time AND something else to the delay knob. As my example, I added a vibrato and assign the modulation depth to the delay knob, huge modulation depth for short delays and zero depth on the longest delay. Save Toneprint to pedal.

Now, using the delay knob, set a short delay time. Gives big obvious modulation.
Now use the audio tap feature to set a long delay time. It seems that ONLY the delay time is adjusted and not the modulation depth to go with it. (Had we used the knob, the mod depth would have changed too).

Personally, I think this is more a bug than a feature, but who knows, the creative types among you may find it useful, so I thought I’d point it out.

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