For anyone at TC: Is it really that hard to update G system/Vyzor?

For anyone at TC: Is it really that hard to update G system/Vyzor?

I bought g system when it first came out. At time it was well above 1200 euro.
It was, and still is marketed as top guitar eff from TC.
It served me well , I am proffesional/touring musician and g system proved as reliable peace of gear.
What I am not happy is complete lack of support for this product.

Recently I purchased Elektron Analog drive pedal. It has midi and I managed to recall its presets via g system.
I am using Vyzor to change order of banks for different shows/bands.
As I found out midi map in g system is global parameter and with changing bank order midi map does’t follow this changes which makes whole idea of managing different shows useless.

What I need is option to save midi change per preset. So when I change order of presets/banks,  midi changes follows the changes in presets/banks.
This should be esy fix  to implement into editor software if anyone was actually doing this.
So please,  are you going to solve this problem in near future?
What can I realy expect?
I need honest answer.

Last editor update was in January 2010.
Do you think this is good policy?
Would you care to explain why are You ignoring product support for your top guitar eff product, for last 8 years?

For example, RME relased it’s audio interface RMA fireface 800 in 2004, and it was regulary updating firmware and sofware until last year.
That’s 13 years.
I am happy RME user, and I feel that I was treated fair for my investment.
I will be buying from them again for sure.

When I visit your web page in hope that new editor relese is maybe on way, this is you survey that pops up:

How likely are you to recommend to a friend or colleague?

Not likely at all    Extremely likely

This would mean that you are actually considering what your custumers think of your company.
I have very little fate that you will adress my issue, which makes me feel, well…..cheated.
I hope You prove me wrong.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan Božanić

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