G Natural Dual Input Configuration

G Natural Dual Input Configuration

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a multi-fx unit where I can connect my acoustic guitar, that actually has two pickups inside (a K&K Pure Mini and a Fishman Rare Earth Blend, used in humbucker only due to feedback on stage) and I need the unit to have dual input, but with the possibility of using one pickup to left, and the other one to right channels, so I can use it as a true stereo unit, with different gain, eq and compression, but with same effects. I checked the manual of the G-Natural but it doesn’t says if this is possible. I saw on page 16 of that manual that actually it’s very close to what I need, on parallel configuration for routing inputs, but since there is a + symbol, I don’t know if the system actually blends both signals or if it keeps one to left and the other one to right (or if it gives you the option to choose).

If there is someone that owns the unit and could help me with this, would be really appreciated.

Best regards!

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