G-System does not recall pitch parameters (sometimes)

G-System does not recall pitch parameters (sometimes)

I always thought my G was different from all the others out there since I never had any major problems with it. This has changed. In a patch I use the pitch shifter and it seems to forget the stored pitch parameters if I come from a patch using Detune. I copied patches around and the change to the ‘pitch patch’ always results in default pitch parameters if the previous patch uses Detune no matter where it is stored or how it is named. If I change Detune to something else in the previous patch the ‘pitch patch’ recalls the correct parameters.

I know some of you reported similar issues so it is apparently a bug in the firmware. Is there something I can do to fix this except for emulating the detune with the pitch shifter in the other patches? Did someone come up with a solution? Unfortunately the search function in the forum is quite … ehem … suboptimal. That’s why I’m just asking around.

BTW: How about Vyzor under Windows 10? Does it run well on your computers (apart from the ancient well-known issues)? I haven’t used it for a loooong time but many patches have accumulated and I would really like to save them securely.

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