GMajor2-GCX-GCP help

GMajor2-GCX-GCP help

So when I did not have the Gmajor2 hooked up to the gcx and gcp and it went straight to the front of my triple rec, I was able to change presets and effects using the gmajor2 controls. 

Now that I have it hooked up to the gcx and gcp, I can’t get any sound from the gmajor2.

I had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to make the gcp change to presets using the cc’s.  At the time, I am only able to program 1 gmajor2 preset on my gcp, for some reason it doesn’t matter what button I program it for on my gcp, I’ll recall the same gmajor2 preset on all of my channels selected on my gcp preset.

Does anyone have a no brainer way of programming the gcp to the gmajor2 so I can begin accessing the presets and effects?

I currently have my gmajor2 going to my first loop on the gcx. 

So I’ll program on the gcp for example, channel 1 cc 33 for example and it will pull up preset 33 on the gmajor2 but no sound.

Does anyone have a step by step I could follow?

MY GCP is set up like this:

Preset 1 is clean and the top 4 channels I want to program for the gmajor2
Preset 2 is heavy

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