The epic battle of the strings: Acoustics VS Eletrical

The epic battle of the strings: Acoustics VS Eletrical

Are you rocking Guitar Hero like a pro? Or do you get tired of playing air guitar when you hear your favourite song on the radio? Then maybe it’s time to put that imaginary guitar aside and go for the real deal instead! But then the real battle begins. Will you go for electrical or acoustic? Let’s get ready to rumble!


Round 1: The acoustics don’t need back up.

The acoustic guitar is not a force to be meddled with. Truth be told, its sound is more delicate and precise. But this instrument can carry a song all by itself, while an electric guitar needs a bass or drums to back him up. If you play the acoustics, the spotlight is all yours.


Round 2: The electric are out of control.

The most amazing songs ever are known for their guitar wizardry. I bet that when I mention Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Hotel California by the Eagles, you immediately hear the melody of the electric guitar in your head!


Round 3: The acoustics know no limits.

It was cool in the past, it’s cool now and it will be cool forever more. By learning the acoustics, there are no limits to what you can do with your instrument. You can play classical compositions, timeless evergreens or that brand-new song of your favourite artist that was just released. Anything’s possible!


Round 4: The electrics look amazing

Electrical guitars come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Your instrument will become your baby: you’ll want to show it off, protect it, and you’ll glow with pride when someone compliments it. You’ll even feel the need to name it. A little hint: some electric guitars already have one!


Who will win, and who will lose?

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