Helix Phaser – Stereo Effect ?

Helix Phaser – Stereo Effect ?


I am using Flashback 2 and HOF 2 with great pleasure in stereo.
Stero makes a huge difference to a mono setup and delay and reverb effects can take big advantages of that. But what about a Phaser?

Is the Helix a „real“ stereo effect or more or less a dual mono phaser?
Real stereo would mean to me, that the pedal generates a stereo room effect that spreads the effect on both channels.

A dual mono phaser would more or less support an already existing stereo signal and effect both channels in the same way.

In terms of my signal chain with FB2 and HOF2 – where would I put it to have widest stereo effect? Helix – FB2 – HOF2 or FB2 – Helix – HOF 2 ? Wouldmthere be a difference ?



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