Help: EBMM Majesty 2020: Sympathetic resonance (bridge ringing)

Help: EBMM Majesty 2020: Sympathetic resonance (bridge ringing)

Hi everyone

I have posted this issue in this forum before, I appreciate all help I got then but the issue is sadly not fully resolved and I would like to try one more time.

I have a fairly new Music Man Majesty and I have been experiencing sympathetic resonance at the bridge when playing specific notes (regardless of the string) pretty much since I got the guitar. I remember that in the beginning the issue didn’t exist until one day I noticed that the saddle bridge of the high E was inclined, I used the wrench to level it and the issue suddenly appeared.

I have asked for help in other forums and I have even taken the guitar to the shop without solving the problem fully. I can’t hear the resonance through the amp which is very good but I do hear it when I play without it and it is quite annoying. The resonance is not always present, it usually seems to appear if I have played for a while and apparently it is never present if I play the resonating notes and the guitar is facing down.

I have read that if specific notes cause the resonance it should be due to something loose (probably a screw) at the bridge, I really want to believe this but I just don’t see screws at the bridge or anything else that could be loose. My main guess now is that leveling the saddle bridge of the high E has triggered the problem but I don’t know how to fix it, I even tried to incline it as it was before but the issue remains.

I attach a video showing the issue and I’m grateful for all help I can get!

(Fret buzz (?) resonance when playing same notes on different strings – YouTube)

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