Help: Ernie Ball 2004 JP6 Radiance red – dream guitar

Help: 2004 JP6 Radiance red – dream guitar

Hi all,

A new member here from the UK. Sorry to post another opinion thread but if gonna drop some big money I want to see how my peers think!

Have finally decided to sell all of my guitars because I only need one! I owned a Sterling JP60 2 years ago and sold it on regretfully. However, due to space issues I will be moving all of my guitars on and just settle on a JP6 Piezo.

I’ve seen a 2004 JP6 special edition in radiance red and just wanted to get an opinion on this guitar. I’ve always wanted a Piezo equipped guitar as I feel it gives the best of both worlds. I know there are other ways of getting acoustic sound but I want to make my rig smaller.

The JP6 has been in my sights for a while now but I just wanted to get an idea of this particular model. It looks absolutely stunning.

Many thanks


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