Help Majesty Noise G,B and E strings

Help Majesty Noise G,B and E strings

Hi guys, i’ve 6 string majesty a little over a year and it makes this noise that’s annoying me more and more and i wanted you’re opinion/help before taking it to a new tech.

Here’s a little video with the problem


It has a ringing noise in the G string :/, i’ve tried to pull behind the nut (to see if it was the nut) and it still rings, tried to relief the neck a little more and it didn’t really help.

Also it does this rattle noise when i pick the D in the 10 fret E string/15 F B string /19F G string which is weird.

I’ll surely take it to a tech, and maybe contact customer service, but i wanted to know what you guys think about this before doing it :).

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