Help: Middle pickup for Axis SSH

Help: Middle pickup for Axis SSH

I know there are a few similar posts currently trending, but I am completely new to the world of singlecoils, so I hope the redundancy is forgiven.

I just picked up (it arrives tomorrow) a SBMM AX3 that I intend to modify as a versatile backup for my (slightly modified) EBMM Axis Sport MM90. In “strat mode” I am planning on a 3-way switch, so looking for sweet, quintessential strat position 2,3,4 sounds. A little dark is okay…not too chimey…but also hot enough to not have a drastic dip when switching to a humbucker.

Any advice?
(Thank you for welcoming me to your community. I have really been enjoying myself here! I have owned a lot of different guitars, and I feel safe to say the EBMM will continue to be my main axe from here on out!)

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