Help with a JP6 trade

Help with a JP6 trade

I’m being offered a JP6 as a trade for my 1996 Parker Fly Deluxe. I already have two JP’s (a 2005 JP6 with piezo and a 2012 JPXI), so I’m mainly considering the trade since I could then pick the best playing of the two JP6’s and probably have an easier time selling the other JP than the Parker.

It’s a november 2011 JP in Pearl redburst. No piezo, matching headstock or inlays. A few questions:

– It is a fair trade for a Parker Fly?
– Had Music Man switched to SS frets in november 2011?
– What would a decent price be for a mint 2011 barebone JP6 be in your area? They are very rarely for sale here.

Thanks in advance, really appreciate it. I’m selling the Parker since the JPXI fretboard feels almost EXACTLY the same as the carbon fibre one on the Parker. Damn, that black ebony smoothness…

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