Hypergravity issues – comb filtering, crashes, knobs

Hypergravity issues – comb filtering, crashes, knobs

Just got a brand new Hypergravity yesterday as a gift. It sounds great, but I did have some serious issues.

1) When using Toneprint mode, when I bypass the pedal the signal seems to have comb filtering. When the pedal is in Spectra or Vintage mode, bypass works great. But when using Toneprint mode, when the pedal is in bypass it sounds like a flanger with the rate set to zero.

2) The pedal crashed in Toneprint mode. There was a series of 2-3 loud popping sounds, then the pedal was silent for 2-3 seconds and the light went off, then sound resumed and the light came back on.

3) When turning the knobs, the sound does not change smoothly. There is a delay and then the sound immediately changes to the new value. For example, if I smoothly turn the level knob up the volume does not smoothly increase. The volume doesn’t change until I stop turning the knob, then it suddenly jumps to the level where I stopped turning the knob.

Any suggestions? Would updating the firmware possible help?  Is it possible to update the firmware when using a battery instead of a power supply?

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