Idea: a 7/8 "Dinky" / small body option

Idea: a 7/8 "Dinky" / small body option

I loved my Silhouette when I had one (back in the 90s). At the time of its introduction, its design made it much smaller than comparable Strat-styles / superstrats (you could fit it in an overhead compartment) and the extended upper horn gave it excellent balance. It’s something you see more in modern bass design these days, than in guitars.

I was curious to see if anyone else would be interested in an even smaller body design while keeping the same scale length and hardware options.

Inspired by the rare Cort Curbow G6, the Ibanez ‘Bean Bass’ and AFD45 guitars, and the old Spector NS6, I really like the common idea of a guitar with a curvy, but compact design.

So, that got me thinking of something like a Luke II, with a body that’s 85% of the current size, which would also move the neck and bridge further towards the back.

Likely would need some reshaping of the upper horns / cutaways, a shallower “all access joint,” and maybe a slightly narrower body, but should definitely look like it’s still from the Silhouette / Luke family. (Would definitely want SSS EMGs as an option…)

Probably couldn’t fit a Floyd on it, but a standard trem or hardtail would work? And it would use standard EBMM neck pockets, so you could fit a variety of neck profiles (EVH, C / D) and even scale lengths (lop off a fret for a “shorter scale” feel, or use the Baritone neck, etc.

Given how well received the new short scale Stingrays are, and as more of us are aging and want smaller / lighter / more portable instruments, to me it says there’s a growing but unaddressed market.

(Did a quick Photoshop mock at home, will post later)

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