John Myung has a Artist Series Bass now!

John Myung has a Artist Series Bass now!

It’s going to be the first bass I own for sure. I have always been sold on the Bongo design since day one and this one seems to be a streamlined, stealthy and somehow sexier version of the O.G.

The reason I’m bringing it up in the guitar section of the forum is because I wanted to talk about two key features I noticed on the guitar. Mainly, the split tone-woods on the neck. Theres an obvious split from the bass side of the strings and the treble side. I’m assuming the Rosewood/Roasted Maple wood choices were for tonal reasons. Really ingenious idea if thats is partially why it was implemented and I wonder if this was something John brought up to the team, or if it was something the team presented to him. The other feature I wanted to touch on was the necks golden ratio fretboard. I want more details on what that all entails and why he went with that.

I’m wondering if these two features will ever find their way into some of their current guitar lines as they seem to be beneficial design changes.

Perhaps I’m overthinking and the neck-woods and it is purely aesthetic.


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