JP6 Splitting pickups / Replacing pots

JP6 Splitting pickups / Replacing pots


I recently bought a 2003 JP6 that it’s a little banged up on the electronics, the pots are kinda rusty with some white dust dried over them, I think it’s possible to perform a chemical cleaning and make them new again but I was just thinking about either installing a no load tone on the tone pot to bypass the signal when at 10, or install a push pull pot so I could split the pickups in all positions. The pickup switch is also a little loose.

I sent a message to customer support asking for some help and cost etc but since I dont live in the US until I get the components that would take some time so I thought about taking the guitar to a professional guitar tech that I know and replace the volume and tone pots (no piezo) for whatever he does have in his store, probably CTS since it’s a top tier tech.

I know the pickup switch is a little specific and uses a proprietary board so I would replace it with an original provided by EBMM later but regarding the pots, does anyone know if there is any possible problem with fit or wiring using something different than the ones that come from factory?


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