KUDOS to Joel at MusicMan

KUDOS to Joel at MusicMan

Hey Gang,

As referenced in a previous post from me. Recently I have been trying to replace the pickguard on my 87 Stingray (it is not the same as current day pickguards). While this sounds easy enough, it is not. The most recent frustration ended with a well known guard maker throwing their hands up saying, “we can’t do it is mass, so we aren’t gonna bother doing it”

I emailed Joel about my frustration (I had ordered other items in the pass and had developed a tiny rapport with him). Upon reading my experience, he took a personal interest and sprung into action. We ZERO input from me, he went WAY above and beyond to find a solution. I won’t get into the details of his actions (I will leave that to him to share if he wishes too). However, his very FIRST contact with me regarding this problem was to present a total and complete solution that he had made happen. Needless to say, I was floored. Now, I have yet another reason to love this bass. Not only does it have a sound like no other. Additionally, I know that the team behind it isn’t “done” with you once the purchased is complete (did I mention that it is an 87)!

Thanks Joel!!,
Loyal for Life!!!!

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