Jim Dunlop 1936-2019

Jim Dunlop 1936-2019

Jim Dunlop, the Scottish born guitar accessories pioneer has died, aged 82.

An emigre to Canada, where he met his wife Bernice, the Dunlops later moved to California where, during the 1960s, Jim worked as a mechanical engineer. In 1965 he founded Dunlop manufacturing, initially finding success locally with capos, a product which his name is still associated with today. Later he turned his attention to guitar picks, specialising in offer a huge range of styles and, in particular, a variety of accurate gauges.

By the 1980s, well established in the accessories market, Dunlop began to acquire effects brands whose original manufacturers had declined, despite their products still finding favour with many guitarists – notably MXR and the Cry Baby wah-wah pedal. Dunlop went on to become one of the biggest effects unit makers on the international market.

Bernice Dunlop died in 2001 and Jim is survived by his second wife, Linda, his daughter Jasmin, his son Jimmy Dunlop and his grandchildren.

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