LED Repair and Volume/Expression setup

LED Repair and Volume/Expression setup

Hi all, I recently acquired a g system second hand and would just like some help(apologies if these have been answered before, I did my fair bit of research and couldn’t get definitive answers)

1) The LED on my DOWN button has a slight crack in it so it doesn’t light up properly. Is this repairable..?

2) I have limited space on my board and want to connect my wah pedal up externally, which leaves space for only one more footpedal. I see the DUNLOP DVP3 volume pedal has outputs for both volume and expression! Could I potentially connect this pedal to both inputs of the G system(volume and expression) and use one pedal to do both…? What I’m saying is, in one preset can I configure the G system such that the pedal can be used for volume and then in another preset, use it to control expression?

3) If 2 is possible what is the best way to connect it up, I have heard a Y TRS cable is best? Red to input of pedal, white to Output and the other jack into Volume in. Then just a normal jack to jack 1/4 mono for expression..?

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