Looking for some advice on MM Jp6

Looking for some advice on MM Jp6

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum but not new to Musicman, I’m just transitioning from dabbling in bass for a few years to finally following my dream and learning guitar. I’m currently eyeing off an MM Jp6 Pdn starry night finish.

I currently own a MM silo special but found it’s not really to my liking as I dont think I’m a single coil guy. I’m a fan of alternative and progressive metal as well as heavy rock and 90s grunge stuff but listen to almost anything.

I’m wondering what everyone’s experience with the Jp6 is like? What are they like to play? and just how many different sounds can you get out of the liquifire/crunch lab combo?

I’m honestly a bit of a guitar noob so any and all advice is welcome. It’s a pretty high spec guitar considering I’m learning but I have an mm stingray 4H in neptune blue with a roasted maple neck that makes me not want to play any other sort of neck and the JP6 I’m looking at is definitely a forever guitar.

Thanks, and nice to meet you all,


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