Lowest strings crunchy on Mic/Inst channel

Lowest strings crunchy on Mic/Inst channel


More than a year ago I got to lay hands on an Impact Twin. I wanted it because I use an older but still fine working laptop which has Firewire and runs on Vista. And because of the good fame of the Impact Twin. The Impact Twin was compatible and worked generally well with Audacity 2.1.2 that I use on the laptop. Not perfectly because the reverb did not record and I could only record one Mic/Inst channel at a time notably the first. But this was not a big problem, I mostly record one instrument at a time and reverb can be added afterwards. But lately I’ve been having a crunch on the sound and recordings of the D and A strings made with my Strat, especially when strumming and on the A string when playing it close to the bridge. I replaced the two strings to no avail and to my disappointment had to determine that I had normal sound on my second channel. With my bass there’s the same crunch on the lowest string getting worser going to the bridge and also – but less – on the A string. So firstly I wonder what’s wrong with the high quality (?) Hi-Z circuit to go bad in such short time and is there a measure to get it working as it should? Secondly, how can I record the second channel on Audacity (routing the patchbay different?) in case the first can not be repaired?



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