Help: Issue with Schaller M6 Locking Tuners

Help: Issue with Schaller M6 Locking Tuners

Hi everyone,

I got an EBMM St Vincent recently and it’s wonderful. But I’ve just run into an issue when trying to restring: after removing the old strings (detune, unclamp the locks, remove string etc), I’ve now found that the 4 interior string clamps (A, D, G, B strings) are fully clamped and don’t change at all with the rotation of the rear thumbscrews. I’ve managed to change both the E strings fine, so I cannot work out why this has happened; I removed all 6 strings in exactly the same way, and I didn’t have to yank the strings out, they all came out freely. I’ve tried unscrewing/rescrewing the clamps all the way to see if that fixed it and it didn’t.

Can anyone help? This is stressing me out quite a bit as I own other guitars with locking tuners and have never run into this issue before.

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