M-One and D-Two Software Upgrade Problems

M-One and D-Two Software Upgrade Problems


I must be doing something wrong.

This mainly concerns my M-One. I’ve had it (along with a D-Two) since (I think) 2004, but haven’t had them in a guitar rig for about ten years.

The M1 since I got it S/H, had always exhibited a glitch on the wet signal on micro pitch settings (+/- 11 cents). It’s hard to describe the sound, but it’s like the unit looses track and cuts out the audio momentarily then continues- fast, almost like a percussive “thump” sound then re-tracks.

Spooky thing is this occurs at the same time interval, around a second. Any other effects seems fine, so I’m thinking it’s a software/firmware glitch. I did the usual thing for the 1ru TC pieces and replaced the power supply to see if that would clear the problem (bad cap or something), but no difference.

It’s running 2.07 firmware, and I notice the last upgrade back in the day was 2.09. I’m using an M-Audio Uno (recommended by TC support), but I cannot get the upgrade to successfully load. I tried the same into my D-Two (there is an upgrade for that) and same thing. I’m following the instructions.

Any ideas appreciated. I think they are both pretty decent units in a mono guitar rig. I’ll give it every chance but the units aren’t worth fixing these days.



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