Music Man vs Sterling guitars/upgrades

Music Man vs Sterling guitars/upgrades

So I played some real ernie balls and some sterlings yesterday and I was just blown away! I gotta have one- probably the cutlass, albert lee, st vincent, or stingray. I like all those models

First question- are the trem’s always decked against the top? None of the guitars I played had the trem floating and it kind of seemed like it was made to be decked rather than made to float like a strat. Any insights here? I can get my american strat to stay in tune fantastically while floating- so I’m okay with either route (i like the ability to lower my tunings on the fly)

So of course I’d love a real deal music man- but lets face it, i’m not rich. I teach guitar and work at a music shop. So I’m poor, basically. Some of the Sterlings I played had locking tuners, which was pretty cool for a guitar under $500.

My main reason for posting- is that I have many questions surrounding parts upgrades for music man guitars. (sterlings) I dont see where you can buy parts for these guitars like you can buy fender bridges, tremolos, pickups, switches, pots, knobs- and then theres like dozens of other boutique and budget manufacturers of all those parts.

Like if I get a Sterling Stingray- is there anyway I can put the same tremolo and bridge as the new model Music Man Stingray? It seems like pickups are just dimarzios or whatever. So thats easy. I guess My main concern is pickguards and the bridges and trems. Maybe pickup upgrades for the St Vincent.

And of course Id like to upgrade the nut- does graph tec make one pre slotted for any of these guitars or will I have to get one custom made?

Thanks a bunch! I cant wait to join the ernie ball players!!! Such killer guitars!

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