My first MM: JP15 7 string

My first MM: JP15 7 string

Hi there,

I’m just about to pull the trigger on a new JP15 as my first EBMM and my first 7-string.
Always liked the MM necks and these roasted maple necks are just awesome. Always admired the MM quality and attention to detail. Otherwise I usually split my time between Les Pauls and Strats as well as my Washburn N4 that I love dearly.
When it comes to high quality 7 strings it quickly boils down to EBMM and Ibanez (and of course a bunch of very expensive custom builders). Bonus here was that I have an actual use for the piezo bridge and I’m not a huge fan of the Ibanez necks.
So this would be a no-brainer in that price bracket.

It wouldn’t be me though if I wasn’t looking to customize a few things potentially. And I’m not a fan of “signature Models” per se (and I do like JP and DT and have been a fan since the very early days when they played in front of a few dozen people). And yes, my N4 is a signature model as well.

A) bridge pickup: not sure if I like the stock one or if I’d rather have another Crunch Lab (have that one in my N4). Looking at the birds nest wiring online I’m a bit intimidated. Hard to change? Soldering iron and screw driver will do if it came to that?

B) Is the circuit for the magnet PUs passive (other than the boost which Inreally have no use for)? Are the pots otherwise standard if they ever need replacement or I want a different taper? Really just concerned with the volume pot. No need for a tone pot in my book. In other words: are there ways to simplify what’s going on on the magnetic side? Volume pot, three way switch, done?

C) can the actual knobs be changed to something more standard or are they an unusual size? I would probably just opt for something like a Tele barrel knob or Strat looking knobs. The chrome domes with the rubber really don’t look so hot (other than the fact that there are too many and the placement is a bit unfortunate but can’t change that obviously).

D) this may be the silliest but how is the little “15” inlay installed? Anyone found a way to cover that up or have a luthier install something different? And what about the actual signature? Is that on top of the clear cost or under? I’d like to remove that also.

I know, I’m sure some of this is sacrilegious but I like to make things my own and have become a bit particular over the years when it comes to controls and basic functions. Which MM had a custom shop…

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