My mint 2008 SR Finish is bubbling up

My mint 2008 SR Finish is bubbling up


Pulled my bought new ’08 SR Burnt Apple finish out and was playing and wiping it down good and noticed the finish has bubbled or popped up on the PU side at the bridge, but is in tact. Kind of like the bridge pressing down has scooted the finish like moving furniture on carpet. It’s absolutely mint and has seen very, very little playing. It has been babied and is literally perfect–except this factory flaw. I’m sick. It’s been stored in climate controlled area with my other basses (which are having no problems).

Is this is common problem EB had or am I just an unlucky sucker who got a bad one.

I don’t suppose there’s any point in contacting EB since it’s way out of warranty. I suppose I’m just stuck with a finish that’s going to get worse….

Any suggestions as I grasp at straws?

Hadn’t been here in a while and that constant are you a human thing is a real joy as well.


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