My NT Stingray is a little piece of history

My NT Stingray is a little piece of history

Hi everyone.

For those who may not know, Matt Umanov’s shop in the Greenwich Village sadly closed yesterday. Feeling nostalgic and knowing the end was nigh, I walked in to the shop this weekend to learn that they only had one bass remaining for sale: a gorgeous white NT Stingray.

Since I fell in love with the NT when I first played it at NAMM 2015 and it was the very last bass to be sold at Matt’s store, I bought it! They guys were cool and even wrote that it was their last bass on my receipt, so it is a little piece of history now, bittersweet though it may be.

And man, history aside, it is such a great bass. I was delightfully surprised to learn that it features an updated 3B preamp and was wondering why that feature is not advertised or discussed more. Folks seem to rave about the new 30th anniversary SR5 preamp…

And while we are at it, can anyone tell me what the differences are, technically speaking? I notice it is a little less harsh in the treble frequencies is that correct?

Anyway, my hats off to the team for making such a fine bass. I wouldn’t think you could improve upon something as classic and great as a Stingray, and the original will always be a favorite, but the NT version is definitely a formidable tool and a welcome and well-executed re-imagining of one of the greatest basses money can buy.

I just need to send in my warranty card and I am ready to rock!

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