My Testimony

My Testimony

As a young teen I idolized Robin Trower, listened to Hendrix, and came to love everything -Stratocaster-.

Finally, after a couple of years of going to Paulus Music (Jax) and staring at Strats, my dad cut a deal with Freddie Paulus and brought home the ugliest Strat I had ever seen – Mocha Brown! Uggh, the true meaning of LOVE/HATE. It was 1976 … I was tremendously grateful and kept my disdain for the color to myself.

40-ish years later I ended up with about 10 Strats – somewhat ridiculous. Plus a few Teles, LP, ES339, etc.

About 2 years ago I read some fellow raving about a Music Man Albert Lee, and how it out-Strats a Strat AND out-Teles a Tele. I thought – I must try this – and perhaps I must possess one!

Now I am down to 3 Strats and 2 Teles, and no Gibsons, but I have 4 Albert Lees! Two SSS and two HH (one of each is hard tail). I could not be happier!!!

What is your testimony??? How did you come to love EBMM guitars???

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