New to the forum, NGD, and a question

New to the forum, NGD, and a question

Greetings all. I’m new to Music Man/, just picked up this new BFR Axis and I’m in love with it.
The neck feels unbelievable, the fret work is flawless and the pickups sound incredible.

I really like the stainless frets. I’m thinking about picking up another Music Man guitar.
I’d like to buy used this time, either an Axis or otherwise.
I really want the same neck feel and the stainless frets.

Can anyone tell me which of the models/years have the same neck as the Axis, and if they have stainless frets.
Body shape isn’t quite as important to me as neck and stainless frets.
I can’t seem to easily find this info on reverb and other used guitar sites
Thanks in advance!!

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